NCT’s Kun Posts A Photo With Chenle To Celebrate Children’s Day In China

Who’s willing to bet Chenle will post the same photo on Father’s Day?

Kun has been busy in China promoting as the leader and main vocalist of WayV, while his fellow Chinese member Chenle is in Korea as a member of NCT Dream.

This has sadly meant that NCTzens have been missing out on a lot of golden interactions between the two of them!

NCT Chenle and Kun

Kun is almost five years older than Chenle and this age gap has led to a lot of jokes and laughter.

Kun tries to exercise his leadership skills and take good care of his younger member.

NCT Kun and Chenle

On the other hand, Chenle tends to be sassy with Kun, often making fun of his age and calling him a “middle-aged old man”.

NCT Chenle making fun of Kun's age

But while there haven’t been a lot of interactions this year, that all changed when Kun marked Children’s Day in China, which occurs on 1 June.

Kun posted a never before seen photo of him with Chenle and even referred to his younger member with an angel emoji.

Was exercising in the park, when I bumped into an [angel] who I haven’t seen in a long time. Happy Children’s Day!

WayV Kun and NCT Dream Chenle reunite

Fans noted that Chenle was even wearing a hat that Kun had gifted him a while ago, showing that the two are still appreciative of their friendship.

NCT Dream Chenle with Kun's cap

NCTzens also noted that Chenle was pictured in a photo with fellow NCT Dream members Jaemin and Jisung wearing the same outfit as he was in Kun’s photo.

Even the park background looked similar.

NCT Dream Chenle, Jaemin and Jisung

This must mean that Kun would have also met up with Jaemin and Jisung.

But if live broadcasts are an accurate metric of their relationship, Kun probably spent the whole time being roasted by his three juniors for being born in 1996.

NCT Dream attacking Kun

It’s heartwarming to still see the two Chinese members being friends with each other. Even though both are busy with their schedules, they still make plans to reunite.

Although Chenle makes fun of Kun, NCTzens know that deep down he is grateful for having Kun as an older brother.

NCT Ten, Kun and Chenle

Hopefully there will be more interactions between father and son in the future!

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