NCT 127 Talk Super Powers And More In New Billboard Interview

NCT 127 are here to save Monday with this new interview.

On Monday April 29, Billboard released an interview with NCT 127 backstage at their New Jersey tour stop, and it’s exactly the kind of content you need to you need to lift your spirits on a Monday.

The group talked about their May 28 mini-album WE ARE SUPERHUMAN, speaking English, and connecting with their fans worldwide. When asked who picks up English the best, the boys picked Jungwoo who answered with his signature “It was so easy!”

On the theme of WE ARE SUPERHUMAN, the boys went around describing what super power the member next to them would have. Yuta said that Doyoung‘s power is his beautiful voice.

Taeyong‘s telling of Jaehyun‘s superpowers turned into a “Compliment Battle Part 2.” He said that Jaehyun is a strong player – in sports and on the stage – who has good smiling (his dimples are a big plus). Jaehyun sounds like the hero we all need and deserve.

Taeyong about Jaehyun: “He’s my brother.”

As well as being cute and funny, NCT 127 also had some inspirational words of wisdom for NCTzens. When explaining what meaning they wanted to get across with their single “SUPERHUMAN,” Johnny simply said “We can do it. We all are superhuman.”

NCT 127 is currently on their North American “NEO CITY: THE ORIGIN” tour. You can watch their full interview below: