NCT’s Renjun Is A Pure Savage While Asking Doyoung If He Plans To Attend Their Concert

Doyoung couldn’t believe his ears.

NCT‘s Renjun and Doyoung shared a hilarious moment on a recent live broadcast they hosted.

On October 26, the two NCT members were returning from label mate BoA‘s concert. While bonding over their love for her music and how meaningful it was for them, the two also talked about how awkward the combination of Renjun and Doyoung together was. It was awkward because they hadn’t spoken much before due to NCT having so many members, and their activities not overlapping most of the time.

With the topic of activities, the focus then shifted to NCT Dream‘s upcoming concert tour. Doyoung mentioned how that was all he spoke to Haechan about these days, and that was when Renjun interjected with this question:


Are you attending the concert?


When Doyoung confirmed that he was, Renjun had another question, was he going to buy a ticket to attend the concert? Doyoung was so offended, he replied,


I’m from SM! Are there not going to be seats for NCT? How could you ask me that!


Watch the hilarious moment here, from the 5:56 mark!