NCT’s Taeyong Addresses Worries Over Jungwoo’s Health

He couldn’t leave fans in the dark.

NCT‘s Jungwoo has been taking a break from schedules due to health reasons. So, fans have been worrying if he’s been getting the rest he needs.


And, Taeyong took the time to address everyone’s worries during his brief live broadcast.

Taeyong reassured everyone that Jungwoo’s health is improving. So, it wasn’t necessary for fans to worry too much about him because he’s getting all that he needs.

He said that Jungwoo will return better than he was before, “in a healthier state with a better mindset.”

He also told NCTzens to keep their eyes on Jungwoo and look forward to welcoming him on his return.

He knew it was something fans had on their minds, so he had to mention it. Listen to Taeyong soothe fans’ worries about Jungwoo 10 minutes in.

Source: Naver