NCT’s Taeyong Earns Praise From Korean Netizens While Being Criticized By Japanese Fans For “Insensitive” Instagram Post

“I love patriotic idols.”

NCT‘s Taeyong is criticized by Japanese fans for an Instagram post, while being praised by Korean netizens for the same post.

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Recently, the NCT member uploaded a map of Korea on his Instagram story. The map is from an exhibition held in Colombia’s El Museo Del Oro (also known as Gold Museum).

In the map, Korea and its territories are highlighted. Controversy erupted, however, when Japanese netizens realized that the island of Dokdo was highlighted as Korean territory. The island of Dokdo (also known as Takeshima in Japan) is contested by both Korea and Japan and has long been a source of strain in the relations between the two nations.

Japanese fans reportedly criticized the NCT member and accused him of being anti-Japanese.

  • “Takeshima (Dokdo) is seen colored in like the rest of Korea’s territories. Are all Korean idols anti-Japanese?”
  • ” After seeing Taeyong’s Takshima (Dokdo) story, I’ve again realized that there hasn’t been a label that has caused controversy over being anti-Japanese as much as SM. It’s best to understand that the label is anti-Japanese and not expect anything from them.”
  • “Let’s say he wears the ‘Comfort Women’ bracelet as just an accessory, but he should think twice about claiming Takeshima (Dokdo) as Korean on a platform seen by people all over the world.”

Korean netizens, understandably, had an entirely different reaction to the posts.

  • “I love patriotic idols.”
  • “Wow, his likeability went all the way up.”
  • “He did really well.”
  • “It’s so funny seeing them get upset.”
  • “Taeyong? I’ll remember his name.”
  • “This might be obvious for Koreans, but it’s really cool for an idol to do this considering how important popularity and the Japanese market are for him.”
  • “Even though it’s obvious, it’s really cool for an idol who promotes overseas to do this.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo and insight
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