NCT’s Winwin and Ten Release Dance Video And Fans Can’t Get Over How Majestic It Is

Their talent and the symbolism blew the fans away.

On April 8, 2019, WinWin and Ten released a choreography video on the official WayV YouTube channel. In the video, WinWIn and Ten danced to original choreography set to “Lovely”, by Billie Eilish and Khalid.

In the video, Ten is decked out in all-white while WinWin is in all-black. The two symbolize yin and yang — life and death — respectively. This can be seen not only in the colors they wore but by where they stood. Ten stands in front a tree that is full of leaves while WinWin stands in front a tree devoid of leaves.

In the start, there is a mirror between them. This shows how, as life and death, they are just a mirror of each other. One cannot exist without the other.

Throughout the dance, they are in perfect harmony. Some parts have them dancing the same steps, however, we can see at some points that they try to overpower one another. In the end, they both stop overpowering one another and accept that they are an end to each other.

When the video dropped, fans couldn’t get enough and were in awe of how talented WinWin and Ten are.


Yangyang and Hendery were also both clearly proud of WinWin and Ten, taking to Weibo and calling them the group’s “artistic duo” and citing them as “role models.”

“Winwin and Ten are definitely worthy of being our artistic duo!” — Yangyang
“Hard work truly does pay off. As expected, they are our good role models.” — Hendery


On the other hand, the choreography clearly made Xiaojun and Kun feel things.

“Touched, I am so touched.” — Xiaojun
“After watching the video, I think that Winwin is not that bad person but Ten is the bad person. But they are both so cool!” — Kun


Following the release of their epic choreography video, WinWin waxed philosophical about its meaning on his personal Weibo account:

“Good and evil usually co-exist in one thought. However, if you live life with compassion and a kind heart, you will be repayed in the same way.” — WinWin


While Ten just wanted fans to watch and enjoy the video.

“It’s my first time preparing a dance with Winwin. I hope you guys like our first Rainbow V episode hahaha! I think we’ll be posting some photos tomorrow, are you ready?” — Ten

Finally, Lucas let slip on his own account that there will be more videos featuring the other members of WayV (such as himself) coming out in the Rainbow V series.

“What’s everyone been up to recently! I’ve been working hard! To show you guys a nice surprise! Please look forward to it! Our Rainbow V starts today! Make sure to watch it.” — Lucas