An NCTzen Met TXT’s Taehyun By Chance And Couldn’t Handle His Visuals

They got to see Taehyun up close and weren’t disappointed.

While an NCT fan was spending some time out and about, they ran into a member of TXT by chance. When they met Taehyun, they couldn’t help sharing the experience and how handsome the idol was in person.


When the fan was browsing, they couldn’t stop themselves from staring at a particular guy they saw. They began the post by giving a funny apology, “I’m really sorry for staring at him too much when I met him by chance near an Apgujeong store..

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They recognized him as a member of TXT and respectfully asked him, “I gathered some courage and said, ‘Are you TXT’s Taehyun?’” Taehyun confirmed their thought and gave them a parting gift. The fan shared his answer, “‘Yes, I am,’ and he gave me his autograph!

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After receiving his autograph and spending so much time starstruck by Taehyun’s visuals, the fan couldn’t help gushing about how handsome he was in person. They knew he couldn’t be anyone other than an idol from his looks alone.

He has really big eyes and was really handsome. I thought to myself, ‘How could he possibly not be a celebrity?’ And, I was right.

— Fan

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Between companies trying to sign Taehyun as a trainee because of his looks and this fan’s account of his visuals, Taehyun’s handsomeness is no joke.

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The fan happened to be at the right place at the right time to meet Taehyun and see his visuals for themselves.