NCTzens Express Disapproval Over Lack Of Promotions For NCT Doyoung’s Musical Debut

“He doesn’t deserve this at all.”

NCT member Doyoung was confirmed to take part in the musical Marie Antoinette in May 2021, much to fans’ excitement. He will play the role of Hans Axel de Fersen, a Swedish aristocrat who falls in love with Marie Antoinette. Previously, NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun and VIXX‘s Leo played this role.

Doyoung will play the role of Hans Axel de Fersen. | @emk_musical/Instagram

Though fans are eagerly looking forward to Doyoung’s debut as a musical actor, the lack of promotions from SM Entertainment regarding the musical has fans upset.

NCTzens state that other than various updates to their Instagram stories, as well as one post from NCT’s official Instagram account, the company has not provided ticketing information nor promoted the event in the months following the announcement.

According to fans online, SM Entertainment has ignored those showing interest in sending fan support for Marie Antoinette. Fans expressed frustration, stating that “if SM has a policy of not accepting fan support then shouldn’t they take over that role & be the ones sending support?

Many pointed out the fact that SM Entertainment has promoted the musical performances of other idols in the past, and are upset over the apparent silence over Doyoung, who is the first NCT member to debut in a musical.

The cast of Marie Anoinette was scheduled to hold a press conference in anticipation for the opening day. However, the event had to be cancelled due to South Korea’s new social distancing measures.

Despite the lack of official updates, Doyoung is slated for success. The tickets for Doyoung’s performances in Marie Antoinette sold out within 30 seconds.

Furthermore, official “Doyoung version” merchandise from EMK Musical Company sold out even after restocking his items.

Marie Antoinette will open its doors on July 13, 2021, and Doyoung is set to make his debut as a musical actor on July 17. Fans are wishing Doyoung and the rest of the Marie Antoinette team the best of luck.

Fans enjoyed this moment where Doyoung seemed to call out SM Entertainment’s promotional efforts.