NCTzens Love Hearing NCT Xiaojun And Renjun’s Voices Together In Their Cover Of Eric Chou’s “Unbreakable Love”

They sound great together!

NCT‘s Xiaojun and Renjun are both known for their incredible vocals, and NCTzens got a chance to hear them harmonizing together in their cover of “Unbreakable Love” by Eric Chou!

NCT’s Renjun (left) and Xiaojun (right) in the video for their cover of “Unbreakable Love” by Eric Chou | NCT/YouTube

Eric Chou released the original version of “Unbreakable Love” in 2017, and it’s included on his album, The Chaos After You. This song is about holding onto a love you don’t want to let go of, even if you and your lover are miles apart.

The Chaos After You album art | Amazon

“Unbreakable Love” is a highly emotional song, and both Xiaojun and Renjun had no trouble expressing the song’s difficult emotions.

Some NCTzens even teared up while they listened!

Renjun sang the first verse and chorus.

Then, Xiaojun sang the second verse and chorus.

Finally, Renjun and Xiaojun sang the rest of the song together. As they sang their duet, their voices blended together beautifully!

NCTzens instantly fell in love with the cover and flooded the video’s comment section with well-deserved support for Renjun and Xiaojun.

Fans also took to Twitter to praise the two vocalists.

Check out Renjun and Xiaojun’s cover of “Unbreakable Love” below.





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