NCTzens Question NCT 127’s Stylist After Discovering The Origin Of Yuta’s Shirt In Recent “NEO SOUL VIDEO”

“Who thought it would be cool to let Yuta wear this very personal shirt?”

NCT 127‘s stylist is being questioned after NCTzens discovered the origin of the shirt worn by Yuta in the group’s most recent teaser.

Yuta | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

NCT 127 is due to make a comeback on September 16 with their new album, titled 2 Baddies. As promotions get into full swing with the “NEO SOUL” project (short-form content that will be released until September with the ‘NEO SOUL’ virtual club as the background), NCTzens are receiving plenty of exciting new content leading up to the comeback.

One of the latest teasers has had many fans gushing over the members’ visuals…

…as well as over some of the more hilariously questionable choices that were made in terms of styling.

But the most questionable of these choices turned out to be a shirt worn by Yuta.

Yuta in “NEO SOUL VIDEO” | NCT 127/YouTube

Looking closely, fans noticed that this wasn’t just a store-bought shirt—rather, it seems to be personal, probably hand-made.

Pictures of the original owner(s) wearing it were soon dug up, and it became evident that the shirt had been made for a special occasion. Graduation, in fact! The discovery, however, left NCTzens with more questions than ever.

But seeing as the shirt was clearly a very personal item, NCTzens couldn’t help but question NCT 127’s stylist for picking it out.

Of course, some NCTzens came out with the most amusing meme reactions…

…while others raised concerns about the seemingly odd decision to not dress Yuta in Louis Vuitton when he is a model for the brand.

A more serious concern, however, was raised over the privacy of the shirt’s original owner(s). Now that pictures from the graduation the shirt was made for have found their way online, NCTzens are hoping that their privacy will still be respected.

Reportedly, the family themselves have seen Yuta wearing their shirt and have had a positive reaction…

…but hopefully, NCT 127’s stylist will be more careful in the future when it comes to thrift items that could be of a personal nature!