NCTzens Call Out SM Entertainment For Alleged Mismanagement Of NCT 127’s World Tour

Fans claim the organizing staff was not informed properly about events.

SM Entertainment is coming under fire for the way it is handling NCT 127‘s 2022 world tour, NEOCTIY: THE LINK, as it is allegedly failing to provide adequate information not only to fans, but to organizing staff themselves.

NCT 127’s Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

NCT 127 wrapped up their tour in Japan on May 28. The final concert was held over two days, with a reported total of 100k thousand people attending—making it a total success for NCT 127.

NCT 127 | @nct127/Instagram

Yet, NCTzens in Southeast Asia are now raising complaints against the management of the rest of the world tour as SM Entertainment has failed to provide a reliable schedule so far, despite having announced the tour in late 2021.

While tour dates are often given over an extended period of time, Southeast Asian fans feel that they have been a lot less prioritized in terms of organization; they allege that, where tour dates for Japan, Europe, and the USA tend to be announced at least a few weeks before tickets go on sale, dates for Southeast Asian countries are not always given so promptly.

This allegation comes on the heels of NCT 127’s latest tour announcement, which is a concert due to be held in Singapore on July 2. While the concert itself is less than a month away, the announcement was made only the day before tickets were due to go on sale, giving fans little opportunity to not only obtain tickets but to plan trips to the event, as many come from other countries.

And despite the considerable number of fans who are interested in attending the concert in Singapore, even if they have to travel for it, SM Entertainment scheduled only one single-night concert, whereas Japan had several.

But that wasn’t all. NCTzens have been criticizing SM Entertainment for allegedly outsourcing the planning of this concert to a local company, who are the ones that made the concert announcement…

…instead of taking the lead and making a solid and reliable plan for the whole tour (and sharing it).

Yet, as frustrating as the lack of information given to fans is, NCTzens have been even more concerned about the fact that, allegedly, even staff at the organizing company were unaware of what is going on.

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While this raised hilarious speculations among fans about how much NCT 127 themselves know about their scheduled activities…

…the big issue still remains that fans will find it much more difficult to obtain tickets than it should be, particularly when no one seems to be properly in charge of organization—neither SM Entertainment nor the organizing company, whose staff allegedly haven’t been properly informed about the event.

Perhaps additional dates might be added when tickets sell out, yet that still means that not enough notice was given to fans. And, clearly, to staff as well, making suspicions that the members don’t know slightly less unlikely.

Fans can only hope that SM Entertainment will be more transparent and forthcoming with its future announcements, as that would be much fairer for everyone involved!