NCTzens Upset By “Half-Assed” Packaging For Winwin’s Birthday Bracelet

“Did they think people weren’t gonna find this?”

Throughout the year, SM Entertainment releases special bracelets for their artists’ birthdays.


Since the birthday of NCT/WayV‘s Winwin recently passed, they offered ones specifically for him. Fans jumped at the chance to purchase them in support of him.

When NCTzens/WayZenNis received the bracelets, they noticed something wasn’t quite right about the packaging.

Although the packaging was labeled WayV, it was just that: labeling. When the label was peeled back, the top of the box read NCT instead. That wasn’t the only thing that fans noticed.

On the back of the box, there was another label attached to it. When peeled back, it also read NCT beneath.

Many fans weren’t happy about it and wondered why the packaging wasn’t prepared differently.

It’s unclear what the reasoning behind it was since the company hasn’t addressed it, but fans were left feeling unhappy.