Need A Quick Recap Of “Squid Game?” Check Out This Hilarious 3-Minute Summary That’s Gone Viral

It’s got memes, detailed animation, and even a little SEVENTEEN in there!

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Squid Game has taken the world by storm! It seems like no matter where you look, someone is always talking about this South Korean survival thriller that’s topped Netflix‘s most-watched lists around the world.

Promotional image for Squid Game. | Netflix

It’s got everything from missing-persons cases to social commentary to suspenseful life-or-death games. But in case you need a refresher — or don’t have time to watch the show but still want to know what’s up — this Korean animator has your back!

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Somacguffin (also known as Somaekguffin) is an artist with over 100 million views on YouTube, but their most popular video by far is a 3-minute summary of Squid Game! It has over 9.3 million views and fans of the show can’t get over how good it is.

| somacguffin/YouTube 

It’s hilariously accurate — take this scene, for example, where Gi Hun played ddakji and let himself get slapped in order to win some money. They even got Gong Yoo‘s eerily happy attitude down!

| somacguffin/YouTube 

Somacguffin even lightly referenced the controversy surrounding Squid Game and Japanese film As The Gods Will, which contains a similar story with similar games.

As The Gods Will featured a similar game with a daruma doll. | somacguffin/YouTube 

The comments are full of both international and Korean viewers cracking up over the accuracy and attention to detail. It’s definitely a masterpiece that deserves its high view count!

| somacguffin/YouTube
| somacguffin/YouTube

Check out the video below for a meme-y spin on the phenomenon that is Squid Game!

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