Netflix Has The Best Response To BTS V’s “Squid Game” Costume

Even Netflix is whipped for V! 💜

Everybody loves BTS V‘s Squid Game costume…including Netflix!

BTS’s V | @BTS_twt/Twitter

During the third show of the four PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Los Angeles, V surprised ARMY by dressing up as a guard from the hit Netflix K-Drama Squid Game.

| @kthseoulove/Twitter

He was decked out in the full costume, including a mask with a square on it, just like in the K-Drama.

| @jtoni_n/Twitter

Although he’s always fun to watch on stage, V was on a whole new level in his costume! He delighted ARMYs with his hype dance moves, microphone flips, and adorably chaotic energy.

| @btschanels/Twitter

V’s Squid Game costume was such a hit that the terms “Squid Game” and “Taehyung” were trending worldwide during and after the concert, and photos and videos of him in the costume have been shared all over social media.

| @VTeamBase/Twitter

Of course, news of V’s iconic look reached Netflix! The streaming service tweeted about his costume, and they even retweeted fan photos of him.

Netflix tweeted they were “living” for the BTS and Squid Game mashup, even though they think V’s too handsome to ever cover his full face with a mask!

Considering V’s mind-blowing visuals, we definitely agree!

| @whiteee2009/Twitter


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