Netflix Set To Broadcast New K-Drama “Life” Starring Lee Dong Wook

It will air worldwide for all fans to enjoy.

Netflix announced that they’ve licensed the new K-Drama titled Life, a medical drama series that tells the story about the people in a hospital who live to protect and save others. The drama will portray how people defend for what they believe is right.


Life stars popular actor Lee Dong Wook as the main lead. He plays the role of Ye Jin Woo, a warm-hearted and charismatic doctor from the hospital who fights to discover the truth behind alleged cover-ups in the hospital.


Jo Seung Woo will play the role of Koo Seung Hyo, a callous businessman who takes over as the President of the hospital. As he begins to face opposition to his focus on profits, he also discovers a dark secret behind patients’ deaths.


Netflix will premiere the first four episodes in Asia, excluding Japan, on August 4. It will also premiere on the same day in English speaking regions excluding the US. The following episodes will stream on the same day as the Korean broadcasts on a weekly basis.


All other territories (excluding US and Japan) will air two episodes every Monday. US viewers will be able to enjoy the full drama when all of the episodes will be released on September 12.

Source: Netflix