A Netflix Show Is Going Viral Due To Similarities To “Run BTS!” And Another Iconic Korean Variety Show, But There’s A Shocking Plot Twist

Do you see the similarities?

Netflix recently announced a new TV series, and it’s gone viral on Twitter.

In January, Netflix tweeted an announcement about a new comedy series called Murderville, starring comedian Will Arnett as Detective Terry Seattle. Each episode is improvised as he “solves a murder with a new celebrity guest star as his partner.” 

Eccentric detective Terry Seattle teams up with clueless guest stars to investigate a series of murders in this improvisational crime comedy.

— Netflix

| Twitter

Netizens are loving the show so far. Many call it “hilarious” and “genius” with many great guest stars, such as Korean American comedian Ken Jeong, Schitt’s Creek‘s Annie Murphy, TV host and comedian Conan O’Brien, and Pakistani American actor Kumail Nanjiani (just to name a few).

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Nevertheless, based on Murderville‘s description, netizens have found a lot of similarities to other TV series, particularly Korean variety shows.

BTS’s Jin in “Run BTS!”

In fact, the second to top comment underneath the description is from an ARMY pointing out the similarities to BTS‘s own hit variety show Run BTS!. BTS have some mystery-themed episodes in which the members improvise throughout as they attempt to find out “whodunit.”

The Run BTS! comparisons didn’t end there either. The quote tweets of the original post are filled with ARMYs, and one’s retweet went viral.

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Another ARMY even suggested that Netflix might obtain a license for streaming Run BTS!

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Likewise, other idol groups’ variety shows have been brought up. Another often mentioned one is SEVENTEEN‘s web series Going Seventeen.

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Still, the one comparison that has been continually brought up since Murderville was first announced is to Busted!.

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Busted! is another improvised Netflix series that combines mystery and comedy.

A whodunit variety show featuring some of of the biggest names in K-Pop and K-Drama.

— IMDb

“Busted!” poster. | Netflix via IMDb

Again, the original Netflix post is filled with quote tweets of netizens calling out the similarities between the two different shows.

| Twitter

One user suggested this is just “Season 4” of Busted! while others are simply calling Murderville the American version.

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Busted! stars veratan variety host Yoo Jae Suk. He is the main actor appearing in every episode of each season.

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The main difference between Busted! and Murderville is the element of celebrity co-stars. In Busted!, there are often celebrity guests in addition to fixed cast members, who are all K-Pop and K-Drama superstars, such as EXO‘s Sehun and Park Min Young.

Meanwhile, in Murderville, Will Arnett is the only fixed cast member. The other celebrities vary each episode.

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With all of the similarities recognized, fans of the respective shows suggest future guest stars for Murderville. The most requested so far are the BTS members, of course.

| Twitter

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Others even suggest a Korean adaptation of Murderville with the Knowing Brothers (also known as Men on a Mission) since Netflix has licensing rights to that show too.

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Still, despite all of the similarities to Korean variety shows, the shocking truth is Murderville is actually, in fact, a remake.

Jungkook in “Run BTS!” Episode 120. | BTS/VLIVE

It’s just not a remake of a Korean series, as many of us first thought. Murderville is actually based on the British sitcom Murder in Successville that originally aired on BBC Three from 2015 to 2017. 

“Murder in Successville” poster. | BBC via IMDb

British actor and comedian Tom David starred as DI (Inspector) Desmond Sleet. Like Murderville, he was partnered with a different celebrity guest for each episode as they solved a murder mystery.

Celebrities are transposed into fictional versions that fit into the setting of Successville, such as Alan Carr who in Successville’s universe is a mobsterand brother to Jimmy Carr. Liam Hourican appears as Chef Gordon Ramsay in each episode, introducing the guest celebrity at the start and revealing whether they have picked the correct killer at each episode’s conclusion.

— Wikipedia

All six episodes of Murderville are available for streaming on Netflix now. Watch the trailer below:

Source: @netflix and Wikipedia (1) and (2)

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