Netflix Responds To Yoo Ah In Testing Positive For Drugs

Yoo Ah In was slated to head several of Netflix’s upcoming projects.

Netflix released a statement regarding actor Yoo Ah In‘s positive drug test.

Yoo Ah In | DongA Ilbo

Earlier, it was reported that Yoo Ah In tested positive for abusing the drug Propofol. The positive test follows another positive test for marijuana.

As of February 24, the investigations concluded that he tested positive for the drug. The police are still investigating the details of his administration of the drug. They confiscated his handphone to investigate when and where, as well as the frequency of his administration. Yoo Ah In’s representative stated briefly to the media that all statements would be made officially through a lawyer.

Actor Yoo Ah In Tests Positive For Abuse Of The Drug Propofol

The positive tests come at the worst time possible for Netflix as Yoo Ah In leads several of the streaming platform’s upcoming projects, including the movie, The Match, and the drama, Goodby Earth, both of which were slated for a 2023 release.

In particular, Yoo Ah In’s movie The Match, which also stars Lee Byung Hun, has reportedly already been produced and is awaiting a release in the second half of 2023. Yoo Ah In’s positive drug test, however, has put the movie’s release in jeopardy. The Match tells the story of legendary Go players Cho Hun Hyun and Lee Chang Ho, who were teachers, students, and rivals of one another.

Still cut of The Match featuring Lee Byung Hun (left) and Yoo Ah In (not pictured) | Netflix

Also in jeopardy is the second season of Netflix’s hit series Hellbound which was originally planned to start filming in June of this year.

On February 24, a Netflix representative gave a short statement to Xsports News about the current state of the aforementioned projects.

We are speaking with the project’s representatives about the current situation.

— Netflix

Fans were previously shocked when on February 10, news outlet Hankook Ilbo reported that actor Yoo Ah In, who is currently being investigated for the illegal misuse of Propofol, tested positive for marijuana while being tested for Propofol.



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