“All Of Us Are Dead” Actress Park Ji Hoo Wows Fans With Her Doll-Like Visuals In Latest Vogue Pictorial

The cast has even called her the “Baby Angel” 😇

It seems as if a month doesn’t go by without a new Netflix K-Drama dominating the worldwide rankings, with global viewers falling in love with them at an unprecedented rate. It started with Squid GameMy Name, and the reality series Single’s Inferno.

The latest K-Drama that has caught fans’ attention is the zombie teen flick All Of Us Are Dead.

“All Of Us Are Dead” Poster | Netflix

Although it gained mixed reviews internationally for its gruesome advertising, there is no denying that viewers have fallen in love with the show that breaks the boundaries between genders.

The series follows a group of students who are battling with the people closest to them to survive after many of them become zombies. Without any resources, the surviving students have to find any way to stay protected because if they don’t, they will become part of the horde.

The cast of the show | Netflix

One of the characters in the show is Nam On Jo, played by Park Ji Hoo, who has romantic feelings for the main character Cheong San. Her father is a firefighter and she puts the skills he has taught her to use during the zombie outbreak.

Park Ji Hoo as Nam On Jo | Netflix

As expected, with the show’s rising popularity, the cast has had a spotlight shone on them. Recently, Park Ji Hoo gained attention for her visuals in a recent pictorial for Vogue Korea.

The 18-year-old actress immediately caught attention for visuals on the show that are youthful and fresh.

| @03_hu/ Instagram
| @03_hu/ Instagram

Yet, she has also recently gained attention after images from Vogue was shared, showcasing a very different side to the actress.

During the show, Park Ji Hoo wears minimal makeup and her school uniform to perfectly encapture the essence of the character. Yet, in the latest pictures, Park Ji Hoo showcases her true “doll-like” features with her hair in pigtails and age-appropriate outfits.

| @03_hu/ Instagram
| @03_hu/ Instagram
| @03_hu/ Instagram

She then changed the concept again, with bright blonde locks and makeup that just screams “Gen Z,” with brighter, bolder colors.

| @03_hu/ Instagram
| @03_hu/ Instagram

When the images were posted on her Instagram page, they amassed over 150,000 likes and the comments were flooded with netizens praising her visuals.

Since the show first started airing, all of the cast has gained attention for their visuals. Yet, Park Ji Hoo has particularly been praised for her beauty on Instagram and during the press events for the series.

| @03_hu/ Instagram
| @03_hu/ Instagram

With the show continuing to gain attention worldwide, there is no doubt the cast will keep seeing their fame grow with more eyes on them.

You can read more about the show below.’

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