Netflix’s “D.P.” Actor Leaves Show Due To Involvement With Illegal Military Brokers

The actor reportedly left the show mid-filming.

An actor on Netflix‘s D.P. has left the show due to allegedly being involved with brokers who illegally helped the actor evade active duty.

Poster for D.P. | Netflix

On January 31, Sports Chosun revealed that actor Song Duk Ho left the show mid-filming due to problems regarding his military enlistment.

Song Duk Ho | SPOTV News

Currently, prosecutors are investigating celebrities’ involvement in a scheme in which illegal brokers help them evade active military duty by having a doctor falsely diagnose them with epilepsy.

According to the Sports Chosun article, Song Duk Ho is believed to have been investigated by prosecutors for his involvement in the scheme.

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Song Duk Ho’s agency, Bistus Entertainment, confirmed that the actor had recently been investigated and stated that the actor is currently awaiting to be investigated further.

Song Duk Ho is an actor who debuted in the 2018 movie Burning and has since played roles in hit dramas such as Hotel Deluna, Hospital Playlist, and Taxi Driver. The actor most recently acted in Netflix’s D.P.

Source: Sports Chosun
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