Netflix’s “Kingdom” Season 2 Release Date Revealed

It’s fast approaching!

Your favorite zombie TV series is coming back!

Netflix announced on its official Instagram account that the second season of Kingdom will be released in March of next year. They captioned the post with,

In March 2020, the epic of death, starring Ryu Seung Ryong, Joo Ji Hoon, and Bae Doo Na, returns #Kingdom #Season 2 #Netflix #Netflix Original

In the video, the actors ask viewers if they are ready for the next season of Kingdom.

Season 1 told the tale of a contagious zombie virus rapidly spreading in the Joseon Dynasty. It had ended on a thrilling cliff hanger, with zombies cornering the remaining humans in broad daylight when they were previously thought to only appear at night.

Season 2 will reportedly begin filming on February 11, 2020.

Source: Insight