Netflix’s “Physical: 100” Gets Mixed Response After Trailer Shows A Man Spearing His Knees Into A Woman’s Chest

“I hope they keep that same energy when they get kicked in the penis.”

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

A scene on Netflix‘s Physical: 100 has netizens buzzing.

Poster for Physical: 100 | Netflix

Recently, a trailer for the third and fourth episodes of Netflix’s survival show Physical: 100 showed contestants duking it out in a series of challenges.

In the trailer, contestant Park Hyung Geun, who is a professional fighter, is seen wrestling with contestant Chun Li, a woman bodybuilder. In a previous episode, Park Hyung Geun is showing choosing the bodybuilder to be his opponent.

In the trailer, Park Hyung Geun is seen throwing Chun Li to the ground, but Chun Li manages to counter and ends up on top of Park Hyung Geun.

Chun Li isn’t able to hold her position, however, and finds herself under Park Hyung Geun, who, after apologizing to Chun Li, spears his knee into her chest.

As other contestants protest, Park Hyung Geun is shown mocking the audience and. gestures for them to remain silent.

The clip immediately became a hot topic as netizens debated whether the bout was fair. One side of the netizens argued that there was nothing wrong as it was a competition with a large cash prize at stake. Other netizens argued that although there is nothing inherently wrong with the fact the male fighter chose a woman as his opponent, his decision to spear his knee into her chest was a dirty move. Another point of contention was the fact that in an interview, Park Hyung Geun admitted to choosing Chun Li as his opponent because he didn’t think he could win against a male contestant.

  • “I’m not familiar with the sport, so if that is a real technique, then… But the fact that the man said he chose to fight a woman because he wasn’t confident he could defeat a male contestant was shocking AF, LOL. He could have just said that, putting gender aside, he wanted to fight Chun Li. What he said makes him seem so shameless.”
  • “To be honest, it was his choice to choose a stronger or weaker opponent. But there is a difference between choosing an opponent because you want to beat them and choosing an opponent because you know you can beat them.”
  • “That show seems so dumb and trashy.”
  • “If spearing and pressing against a woman’s chest is allowed due to ‘gender equality,’ then I hope the women kick the men in the b@lls and pop it.”
  • “He chose to fight a woman because they are weaker, LOL. (If they have an issue with it) they shouldn’t have signed up. Why are there so many ‘haters?'”
  • “I hope they keep that same energy when they get kicked in the penis.”

What are your thoughts? Check the full trailer in the link below.


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