Netizens Raise Anger At Sexy Concept Group GIRL CRUSH’s Statement Addressing The Addition Of A Minor To Their Lineup

“They’re literally just waiting for her to become legal to exploit her…”

One of the hottest topics and one that has caused many debates is the idea of idols debuting at a young age. For many netizens, it seems like the age of idols is getting younger, and it has raised concerns about the topics of sexualization, labor, and many more.

Recently, one group has come under fire regarding the topic of having minors in the group, and it’s GIRL CRUSH.

GIRL CRUSH is known for their provocative and sexy concept | @nugupromoter/Twitter

Contrary to the name of the group, GIRL CRUSH has a very mature concept. The group was first founded in 2019. They are a dance performance group with a sexy concept that has been around since 2019. The group currently consists of three members, TaeriZia, and Bomi

| 걸그룹 걸크러쉬girl-crush official/YouTube
| 걸그룹 걸크러쉬girl-crush official/YouTube 

Despite their provocative concept, the group has been praised as all the members are mature. It seemed like a form of female empowerment.

Yet, the group recently lost a member, and many have wondered whether a new member would be revealed. However, concerns were raised when the Twitter account @Nugupromoter shared that the newest member of the group was allegedly going to be Hayun, a former member of BABA & BLAZE who was born in 2005.

Hayun is set to debut with the group but was born in 2005 | @nugupromoter/Twitter

In the tweet, the account not only shared their anger at seeing the age of the newest member but the fact that Hayun has a previous history of performing with the group, even when she was as young as 14.

When the tweet was shared, netizens couldn’t hide their anger at the announcement, sharing that although idols are debuting young, it is completely inappropriate for a group with this kind of concept. In particular, as GIRL CRUSH is self-managed, it seemed unimaginable that this could happen.

After the allegations, the same Twitter account revealed that the agency HW Entertainment released a statement about the issue. Although denied Hayun was the newest member, the statement had a vague stance that emphasized that she was training with the group and that they would wait for Hayun to be of legal age before she joined the group.

Yet, for many, the statement was just as concerning for netizens. In particular, many raised concerns that Hayun would still be practicing and performing this concept, and it was just a matter of the company waiting for Hayun to become of “legal age.” Others explained that just because she would be legal, didn’t change her maturity.

After the statement was made and the group received backlash, the social media accounts for GIRL CRUSH were made private.

Yet, alongside the company and the group gaining backlash, many shared their anger at Hayun’s parents for not stopping their daughter from taking part in GIRL CRUSH. In particular, an old video resurfaced where Hayun explained that she had quit school and that although her father wanted her to continue studying, her mother wasn’t as strict.

| @nugupromoter/Twitter
| @nugupromoter/Twitter
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| @nugupromoter/Twitter

For many, the statement released by GIRL CRUSH was proof that the issue of minors debuting or being sexualized is still a huge issue in the K-Pop industry.

Source: @nugupromoter and @nugupromoter