Netizen Detectives Believe They’ve Found The Names Of The Members Of HYBE’s Upcoming Boy Group, BOYNEXTDOOR

“I’m curious to know if this group’s Jaehyun is also handsome…”

Netizens are alleging that the names of the members of HYBE and ZICO‘s upcoming boy group, BOYNEXTDOOR, have been revealed.


On May 3, an online community post titled “HYBE’s Upcoming Zico’s Boy Group Members’ Names Have Been Revealed” quickly went viral. In the post, the author uploaded a page from what seems to be an online music store.

| theqoo

In the page, BOYNEXTDOOR is listed as having 6 members named, Sungho, Leewoo, Jaehyun, Taesan, Leehan, and Woonhak (Unofficial romanized spelling of 성호, 리우, 재현, 태산, 이한, 운학).

Netizens reacted to the post, with many expressing their anticipation for the group’s upcoming debut.

  • “There is a Jaehyun here, too, LOL.”
  • “I read that Zico produced the group.”
  • “I’m curious about this group. When are they debuting?”
  • “There is 1 Jaehyun in every group.”
  • “I’m curious to know if this group’s Jaehyun is also handsome.”
  • “Are they all Korean except one member?”

Meanwhile, the group is steadily garnering anticipation for their May debut. Read more about BOYNEXTDOOR in the link below.

Rookie Idol Boy Group BOYNEXTDOOR To Officially Debut On May 30

Source: theqoo
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