Netizen detectives discover secret connection between all EXO winter albums

Netizen detectives have discover a secret connection between the various winter albums of EXO.

Let’s take a closer look, starting from their first Winter Album back on December 9th of 2013, “Miracles in December”, it was filled with uplifting holiday songs and a painful break-up song as the title track.

As seen below, at the top of the Christmas tree of EXO members was a unique minimalistic logo, creatively designed to include E, X, and O.

EXO’s 2013 Winter Album, including all 12 of the members in form of a Christmas Tree!
A closer look at the sleek logo.

On their second winter album titled “Sing For You,” the same logo appeared, but with a purple and pink ombre background and snow falling. The title track included an otherworldly image of an astronaut and a whale.

Here was one of the first images SM Entertainment had posted to promote “Sing For You”
Each member of EXO traveling to EXO planet.

Their most recent album, which was released on December 19th, featured five tracks, boasting a variety of beats. Ranging from pop to heartwarming ballads, to the holiday inspired tracks.

Taking a closer look at their new album art, the same logo can be seen yet again, this time in the form of ice cubes in a tall glass. The same logo from previous years has been used for each winter album and formatting into different textures and concepts. How creative!

Who wouldn’t want a tall refreshing glass of EXO?


Take a look at EXO’s “For Life” logo! A cool new look in the form of water droplets!

Which Winter album is your favorite?

Source: SMTownEXO-K