A Netizen Is Distraught To Find Pictures Of His Girlfriend And Her Ex-Boyfriend, Who Is Allegedly A Famous Idol Member

“Does this make sense?…”

A netizen’s post asking for advice on how to deal with the fact his girlfriend is going viral. The OP claims that his girlfriend still has pictures of her ex, who happens to be a famous idol! The post titled “My Girlfriend’s Ex Is An Idol,” was recently posted on Jeon Nam University’s student forum.

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My girlfriend has an album where she keeps her favorite photos, but I saw that she had so many pictures taken with a guy in the album. When I confronted her, she told me that she had dated a trainee for two years and that he had now debuted. When I asked her why she didn’t throw them away, she said she couldn’t throw them away and that since there was no way they could be together, she just wanted to keep them as a fan.

Does this make sense? Not only can’t I understand, but I am shocked at how righteous she is as if I am in the wrong. Should I understand her having photos of her ex-boyfriend just because he is an idol?

— Original Poster

A netizen called the poster out, stating it was understandable that his ex-girlfriend wouldn’t want to delete the photos.

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Hey, be honest. Let’s say it was you who dated a really famous female idol. Could you delete the photos? As long as he is an idol, there isn’t a percent chance that they get back together, so leave her alone. It would be different if he was a normal person, but I think anyone would act that way if their ex was a celebrity.

— Netizen

To which the original poster explained it wasn’t so much that she kept the photos that bothered him, but it was the fact she was so indignant when he confronted her about it.

It’s not that I don’t understand. It’s just that shouldn’t she do it in front of her current boyfriend? … I don’t understand her attitude.

— Original Poster

The OP has not directly named the idol but the post has certainly become a hot topic! How do you feel about the poster’s dilemma? Would you understand if your significant other kept a picture of a famous ex?

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