Netizen Finds “Proof” Jennie Dropped A Secret Lovestagram To Kai

Netizen says these two proofs are key.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently updated her Instagram with an adorable photo of herself lying on the bed next to her puppy.


However, a netizen posted on a popular community forum that the image was a secret lovestagram for her ex-boyfriend, Kai of EXO. (Lovestagram is an Instagram post dedicated to one’s bae.)

The netizen claimed that she was lying on the bed next to her “dog named Kai” to send a loving message to EXO’s Kai because they didn’t truly breakup.


The netizen also pointed out one of Jennie’s recent Instagram posts. Jennie uploaded a photo of what appears a gift from her fans.


According to the netizens, she uploaded as a secret sign that she’s still in love with Kai because the name of the character that’s on the gift is named ‘KaiKai KiKi’.


Other netizens strongly disagreed with the OP as they criticized her for causing false rumors based on lies. BLINKs pointed out that the dog next to Jennie is actually named Kuma, not Kai.


Jennie and Kai recently confirmed their breakup after dating for a couple of months.

Source: Nate Pann