Netizen Spots BTS On US Book Recommendation Catalog for Students

Have you read BTS: Rise of Bangtan?

BTS was spotted on a book recommendation catalog for elementary school students, made by a major US publishing company, Scholastic.

A recent catalog for 4th-grade elementary school students featured a book about BTS, called “BTS: Rise of Bangtan”.

This book tells the story of BTS, from their debut to the international K-pop star they have come to be. It also includes photos and backstory of the seven members of BTS.

The catalog describes this book as “a must-have for die-hard ARMY members and new fans alike!”

The author, Cara J. Stevens, is known for writing books on celebrities and icons that dominate a generation, such as Frank Sinatra. She has also published graphic novels and guides on popular video games, such as Pokemon Go! and Minecraft.

So there’s no surprise that she decided to write a book about BTS, one of the biggest names in the music industry currently.

The netizen who posted this discovery on an online community site said that they are proud to see just how famous BTS is and how they are making Korea known around the globe.

Living in the US, I knew that BTS was famous, but seeing them included on a book recommendation catalog for elementary school students, I’m proud to be Korean.

– Netizen

Source: SBS News