Netizen Steps Forward To Support Allegations Of Abuse By First-Generation Idol, Claims They Were Also Assaulted

“I am aware of the assault that took place…”

Amid the allegations that a first-generation idol abused his former trainee, another netizen who identified themselves as an employee at the time of the alleged assault stepped forward to add credence to the original allegations.

The netizen identified themselves as once being a long-time staff of the agency whose idol CEO is alleged to have assaulted a trainee.

The netizen stated they were aware of the alleged assault that a former trainee had alleged occurred. They also uploaded a picture of the same training room that the previous netizen, alleging to be a former trainee, uploaded in their post.

I am aware of the assault that took place in February of 2016 that a former trainee exposed in a previous post. Although I knew of the assault at the time, I wasn’t able to console the trainee, and for that, I feel guilty. I would like to apologize to him through this post.

— Alleged Staff

Picture posted by the netizen | Nate Pann

The netizen then alleged they were also abused by the same first-generation idol.

I have also been assaulted by the idol during work. Although I wasn’t punched or slapped like the trainee, I was physically assaulted twice and was verbally assaulted multiple times.

— Alleged Staff

The netizen then detailed the alleged assault.

The first assault occurred in China during a business trip. While speaking in the back of a car, the idol hit my head with a gloved hand. The second assault occurred in 2019 in front of KBS. I was helping him with his in-ear microphone when all of a sudden, he slapped my hands.

— Alleged Staff

Just like when the idol avoided taking accountability for assaulting the trainee, the idol also refused blame when confronted by the alleged staff.

When I left the company, I confronted him about the incidents. The idol then claimed the incidents never occurred and claimed that I was the one who hit him and yelled at him when alone together.

— Alleged Staff



Source: Nate Pann