Netizen Shares A Heartwarming Story About “Vincenzo” Actor Song Joong Ki, And It Has Us Soft

Song Joong Ki really is the sweetest!

Although his character in tvN drama Vincenzo is seen as mysterious and sometimes ruthless, actor Song Joong Ki couldn’t be more different. Yet, netizens and actors have had nothing but kind words about him in real life, and it seems as if he has once again proved how sweet and generous a personality he has.

Song Joong Ki on the set of Vincenzo | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

On August 2, a netizen gained attention after sharing a story about the actor on an online community. The author explained that they were involved in the Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA), a special dance festival for people with disabilities.

They then explained that, as Song Joong Ki was quarantining for after an acquaintance of his tested positive for COVID-19, they thought they would send an email asking for a promotional video for the event.

After a month, the netizen then revealed how shocked they were when they received the video from the actor. In particular, they thought that Song Joong Ki would send a quick video but were surprised when he sent a long video dressed smartly in a suit and that had a lot of effort put into it.

In the video, not only does Song Joong Ki promote the event, but he also explains the message behind KIADA and what they hope to achieve through their events and work.

After receiving the video, the netizen couldn’t hide their appreciation for the actor, adding, “I could see why everyone keeps going on about how incredible Song Joong Ki’s personality is. I still can’t believe he accepted a stranger’s request and did all this for us.

When the story was shared, Song Joong Ki’s official told media outlet Herald Pop how normally it is hard to respond to all requests but, because he had time, the actor wanted to do it!

In the statement, it also revealed how humble Song Joong Ki is as they added, “The actor participated in the hope that it would bring a bit of strength, not that he would be helpful.”

It seems obvious that Song Joong Ki has a heart of gold, and many people have shared heartwarming stories of the actor’s kind personality. You can watch the whole promotional video below.

Source: Herald Pop