K-netizens react harshly to AOA’s allegedly inappropriate behavior while visiting Yonghwa’s house

Netizens are on fire after they accuse female group AOA of acting inappropriately at Yonghwa‘s house in Yonghwa’s Hologram.

In the second episode of CNBLUE Yonghwa’s newest show, Yonghwa’s Hologram, AOA, Ailee, and Zico paid a visit to Yonghwa’s house to congratulate him on his latest achievements.

However, upon the release of the second episode, netizens went up in a flare as they accused AOA of inappropriate behavior when they visited Yonghwa’s house. The girls were said to have laid down on Yonghwa’s bed while wearing short skirts and also gifting Yonghwa underwear as a present.

Netizens responded saying, “In a man’s room… what are they doing right in front of him..” and “It really did look inappropriate for them to be jumping around and laying down like that when there are other men in the room, regardless of whether they’re close or not..” 

They also commented on the issue of AOA gifting underwear saying, “Inappropriate of them to gift him underwear… imagine if a male idol gifted a female idol underwear;;;;”, “If you watch you can just tell that they are trying to seduce Yonghwa, exposing their shoulders and such..it’s obvious to women..”

Check out the episode of Hologram below:

Source: Pann