Netizens accuse Jessica of trying to lure Krystal away from Korea

Netizens have shown their concern for the younger Jung sister following Jessica‘s recent posting of the two spending a short vacation together in New York City. 

Currently, Jessica and Krystal are currently spending a vacation together and have been spotted strolling the city’s streets together as they take the time to bond. In addition to some shopping, Jessica also revealed herself to be in a recording studio, warming up her vocals.

However, netizens have voiced their concerns that Jessica may be exerting influences on her younger sister, many sharing their fear of Krystal leaving her own group to join her sister in other ventures.

Some of the top comments include, “The weird thing about Krystal these days is the other members are all showing up to SM related events. Like Victoria showed up to a recent SM event, Sulli went to the Lee Yeonhee movie premier and they’re all cheering for Amber’s solo debut but Krystal’s just hanging out with Jessica and uploading their pictures together. Things are definitely fishy, I wonder if she’ll end up following Tyler Kwon like her sister and going to China?”, “When she gets bored she uses her sister to media play through SNS. Now that your sister is popular in China after filming with rain she’s good to media play with huh???” and “Oh this is the person who quit to become a designer and became a professional SNS selfie uploader right? Ah~it’s the person that said China embraced her and talked about becoming a CEO and than now is preparing to debut as a solo artist and an actress.. I wonder if Tyler Kwon took this picture for her ㅋㅋ”. 

Source: My Daily