Netizens Accuse KBS Of “Shocking” Whitewashing During NewJeans’ “Music Bank” Performance

Netizens couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Korean broadcasting company KBS has been accused of “whitewashing” the members of NewJeans in a recent performance, and it has gone viral online.

Members of NewJeans | @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Since debuting, netizens have loved seeing the NewJeans members’ visuals shine in their photos.

| @newjeans_twt/Twitter
| @newjeans_twt/Twitter
| @newjeans_twt/Twitter

Yet, it seems like the editing team at Music Bank has been accused of whitewashing the members, but in the worst way possible.

On July 14, NewJeans performed their track “NewJeans” on the show, and it unsurprisingly gained praise after the members showcased their talent and visuals.



Yet, almost a week after the performance, a video on TikTok is going viral of NewJeans’ Danielle. The video seems normal enough as it shows Danielle rocking her part as she moves flawlessly across the stage.

| @ta3hyunss/TikTok

While Danielle is known for her paler complexion, netizens quickly noticed that her face was a different color from the rest of her body when the camera was at a certain angle. In particular, it seemed like the editing team had put a filter on the idol’s face to make her look paler.

| ta3hyunss/TikTok

Although it was easy for the OP on TikTok to edit the video herself, looking at the official KBS YouTube channel’s performance shows the same coloring on Danielle’s face in the full video.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Although some fans weren’t surprised after pointing out the Korean standards of beauty, others pointed out that they had noticed but didn’t want to say anything because they thought it was part of the aesthetic.

While it might seem funny that the editing was so bad and obvious, it seemingly cements the beauty standards in Korea that see having “Paler” skin as something positive.



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