Netizens Accuse MOMOLAND Of Plagiarizing Miss A In Upcoming Comeback

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MOMOLAND is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing Miss A in their upcoming comeback.



Member JooE appeared on the December 25th episode of Radio Star where she shared a sneak peek of their title track “Thumbs Up”.


It was an upbeat song that got her fellow cast members dancing along, building excitement for the song’s release on December 30.


As soon as the preview aired, however, netizens were quick to point out that “Thumbs Up” (2019) sounded very similar to Miss A’s “Time’s Up” (2012) from the album Hush.


 As soon as I listened to Momoland’s new song, I thought of Time’s Upㅋㅋ

What? Isn’t the melody the same?

I love this song so much, I remember it the moment I listened to Momoland’s new song.

– Korean Netizens


The chorus of the two songs shared a similar beat and lyrics.


Others were quick to defend them, however, pointing out that netizens simply wanted to see MOMOLAND fail.


This is not the first time MOMOLAND has been accused of plagiarism. They were previously under fire for “Bboom Bboom” sounding similar to Serebro‘s “Mi Mi Mi”.


“Thumbs Up” will be released on December 30, 6:00pm KST. It is their first comeback as six members without Yeonwoo, Taeha, and Daisy.


Source: theqoo


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