Netizens accuse women of continuously touching Eric Nam inappropriately on broadcast

After numerous appearances on Korean television, netizens realized that Eric Nam has encountered multiple accounts of sexual harassment. According to a discussion board posted on January 3rd, the singer has already found himself in three situations where he was inappropriately touched.

Netizens reacted as if the reason to why he has been inappropriately touch is because he is “so innocent that he won’t say anything about it,” and the same netizen also commented, “This is straight up sexual harassment.

In the first situation, a woman hovered a tissue over Eric Nam’s lips, while leaning for a kiss. However, as the woman appeared closer to his lips, the woman quickly removed the tissue, making the two kiss. Following, as he appeared on another broadcast, after a group of women requested to hear about Eric Nam’s first sexual experience, a woman stuck her head up his shirt.

During another broadcast, as he was standing with additional cast members, a woman approached him and quickly raised her arms over his shoulders, making it appear that she forced a kiss on him. As additional photos of this situation was revealed, Eric Nam was seen trying to pull the woman away from him as she was trying to force herself onto him.

Meanwhile, Eric Nam released his winter track called “Melt My Heart” in December 2014. Unfortunately, he did not promote this official song on broadcast because he is preparing to release a full length album in January.

Source: Netizen Buzz and Nate