Netizens Accuse Yook Ji Dam Of Having A Sexual Sponsor, After Recent Photos Surface

Everyone became suspicious after these photos surfaced.

Yook Ji Dam was accused of receiving financial support from a sexual sponsor after she opened up an online shopping mall for luxurious clothes.

The store called “201111301” featured Yook Ji Dam as the model on the very first page, as well as for some of the premium priced pieces. The store sold coats that cost almost $500 USD, dresses for over $100 USD, as well as multiple fur items that are priced well over $1,000 USD.

Screenshot of Yook Ji Dam modeling for the brand.

Rumors began spreading more when it was discovered that the store listed Yook Ji Dam as one of the owners. Netizens speculated that Yook Ji Dam received money to open up this high-end boutique after having “meeting” with sponsors.

As soon as she heard the rumors, Yook Ji Dam took to Instagram and shut them down. She denied the allegation and explained how she actually got started in the business.

 “Someone sent this to me…

First of all, I didn’t open a shopping mall with my money.

People keep DM’ing me for loans but I don’t have that kind of money. Even if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t be loaning it to strangers on Instagram.

An oppa that I know fully invested in this store, and he’s running the site with me. I only work as the model and plan to look into collaborating if we launch cheaper lines.

I understand that people can curse me since my name is on the company. But I can’t sit silently by when these ridiculous rumors spreading that I started selling luxury fur coats thanks to a sponsor. ㅋㅋ

I’m working diligently behind the scenes, and I haven’t released new music not because I didn’t want to but because of various reasons.

I never gave up on music. It’s completely false that I gave up music to pursue this line of work.

— Yook Ji Dam

She condemned the netizens for starting groundless rumors without knowing any of the facts.

“Sponsor??ㅋㅋ.. I’ve never even been near something similar to it.

I wish people would stop spreading rumors without knowing one bit of the truth. Not just for celebrities but for everyone.

Don’t you know that people get hurt and scarred because of ridiculous rumors??.. I’m barely in my 20’s. How could you say that to meㅋㅋ.”

— Yook Ji Dam

Yook Ji Dam modeling for 201111301.

Yook Ji Dam actually started this business to learn more about fashion. She’s always been interested in the industry and plans on launching her own brand soon.

“And the reason why so many fur items were put up for sale was because the manager who works with me had run a fur brand for a long time. I even asked him. ‘Is it always this expensive? It seems too expensive.’

He’s been in the business for a long time so he fully explained to be that these were saga fox furs that aren’t from a local market but personally hand crafted. Why would I overprice it just to make money?

I started this to help a friend, not to make a lot of money.

My dad also worked in the clothes business for a long time, and I also have a lot of interest in it. I started this as a good opportunity to learn more about fashion.

Nothing that was uploaded the the site so far has been my idea. My ideas are still to come.

I’m looking into more budget friendly clothes that younger generations can wear and planning on uploading them soon…

— Yook Ji Dam


She ended her post with hopes that the rumors were cleared up and people will no longer speculate negative ideas about her brand.

“I hope people will read this post and clear up any misunderstandings.

Anyways, thanks for your interest.

Oh and I don’t own one piece of real fur clothing^^;;”

— Yook Ji Dam

Source: Nate News