Netizens Are Shocked After Actress Lee Da In Is Alleged To Have 6 Names — Agency Responds

The actress is alleged to have changed her name four times.

Actress Lee Da In‘s agency responded to reports alleging she had changed her name four times.

Lee Da In | mbc

Previously, a post on an online community titled “Lee Seung Gi’s Wife Is Said To Have Six Names” went viral. In the post, the author alleged that the actress was born with the name Lim Yoo Kyung, but that after her parents got divorced, she changed her name to Kyeon Yoo Kyung, taking the last name of her mother.  The author then alleges that the actress changed her name to Lee Ji Hye after her mother remarried and then changed it again to Lee Joo Hee.

Lastly, the post then alleges that Lee Da In then changed her name again due to her mother’s religion.

Lastly, her current name is Lee Ra Yoon, a Buddhist name that her mother, Kyeon Mi Ri, changed for the sake of her daughter’s future.

— Netizen

Netizens expressed alarm and bewilderment at the allegations. Many stated that although it has become more common to change one’s name, doing it four times was a bit much.

  • “I think her family is a bit weird. It seems they are easily swayed by Shamanism and religion.”
  • “She changes her name really often.”
  • “This is so weird.”
  • “At this point, she must be confused about what her own name is.”
  • “Families like hers often change their name.”
  • “(The name change) is 100% because of her mother, LOL.”
  • “You have to change all of your personal information each time you change your name. It is such a hassle.”

Lee Da In’s label responded to the allegations, stating although it was difficult to verify, they are sure the actress has never used the name Lee Ji Hye.

Due to it being a private issue, we aren’t able to verify. However, we have confirmed she has never used the name Lee Ji Hye. Her current name is Lee Ra Yoon.

— 9ato Entertainment

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Source: wikitree and theqoo