Netizens Already Spot “Fishy” Editing During “I-Land 2″‘s First Episode

Many have reason to be weary of Mnet.

While many K-Pop fans love watching survival shows, there is no denying they also bring great stress. Not only do you have to worry about your talented fave not making it into the group, like in the famous case of ONE PACT‘s Jay Chang (who has thankfully now debuted!)…

ONE PACT’s Jay Chang while on Boys Planet | Mnet

…but also how they will be edited during the show. For as long as reality shows have existed, the concept of evil editing has been right there. For example, Somi once revealed that a dramatic “fighting” scene was orchestrated for attention.

Somi Finally Reveals The Truth Behind THAT Infamous “Produce 101” Fight Clip

Unfortunately, most “evil editing” is done by the production alone and can give an individual a bad image, be it for appearing to have an attitude or seeming as though they do not sing well.

And no other production company has been called out for evil editing more than Mnet.

Mnet Logo | Mnet

Viewers of a new survival show recently noticed a bit of odd editing that has left some feeling some type of way.

I-Land 2 aired its first episode recently, introducing the 24 contestants competing to debut in a new girl group under WakeOne Entertainment.  This first episode involved the trainees performing songs to be ranked and sorted for future activities.

| Mnet

It was during the performance of aespa’s “Drama” that viewers noticed an indication of editing.

During contestant Jeemin‘s part, her choker disappears, though it sounds like she is continuously singing.

Many pointed out that shows often do more than one take for performances to get multiple angles, which was just proof of this.

However, some felt this could still allow for “evil editing” by choosing the best parts for some and the worst for others. While Jeemin (known for appearing in R U NEXT?) is talented, some couldn’t help but wonder if this indicated favorable (or unfavorable) editing would take place throughout the show.

It seems this issue was unrelated to any trainee’s abilities, but the hope is that all will be treated fairly throughout the show.

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