Netizens Call Out WAKEONE For Mistreatment Towards Kep1er Following Their “KCON 2022” Appearance

The hashtag #JusticeForKep1er was trending worldwide!

After a grueling competition during Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999, nine incredibly talented female idols finally debuted as part of Kep1er.

Members of Kep1er | @official_kep1er/Twitter

Throughout the competition, all of the members shined by showcasing their talent, charisma, and visuals throughout the different rounds. So, it wasn’t surprising that netizens had high hopes for the talented idol group after they made their debut with the track, “WA DA DA.”

Kep1er’s debut music video | Kep1er/YouTube

| Kep1er/YouTube   

However, recently, netizens have raised anger over the treatment of the group by their company WAKEONE.

In a screenshot shared by multiple fans, netizens have raised concerns that Kep1er has been overworked by the company, sharing that the members have had a comeback, several overseas concerts, and promotions ever since they made their debut.

More recently, after both groups traveled to LA for KCON, fans noticed the differences in treatment and shared them online. When they were traveling to America, both groups shared pictures of their flights.

Eagle-eyed netizens noticed that not only did Kep1er have to a layover for their flights compared to fellow WAKEONE group TO1, who had a direct journey, but many believed that each group was seated in different parts of the plane. While netizens pointed out that TO1 was either in business or first class, due to the space, Kep1er seemed to be traveling economy.

Many also believed that while the members were performing, WAKEONE didn’t give them outfits to match their schedules. While most groups had several changes, Kep1er had the same outfit for both the various stages and schedules with fans. The only change was when they performed a cover of IZ*ONE‘s “La Vie en Rose.”

Kep1er’s stage outfits | @KCONUSA/Twitter

Kep1er’s M&G outfits | @KCONUSA/Twitter

Kep1er had an outfit change for their special stage | Mnet/YouTube

Even after returning to Korea, netizens thought that Kep1er wasn’t being treated well. While most groups have staff who help them with their luggage, the members of Kep1er seemed to have to carry their luggage by themselves through the busy airport.

Yet, a majority of the concerns raised have come after seeing the alleged difference in treatment between Kep1er and TO1 during normal schedules.

In various tweets from netizens, they shared how they believed that the two groups were being treated very differently during promotions, videos, and activities on social media. Although there is a gap between when the groups debuted, many believe that both are equally as successful and should be treated with the same respect.

Yet, although netizens have been comparing the treatment of Kep1er to fellow WAKEONE artist TO1, many want to emphasize that the criticism isn’t towards the group but the company.

Many also pointed out that amidst removing and adding members, changing their group name, and other issues, TO1 has also been treated poorly by WAKEONE.

In light of it all, this isn’t the first time that the company has come under fire. Before being named WAKEONE, the company was called MMO Entertainment and was involved in a dispute that idol Kang Daniel had with his company, LM Entertainment.

When K-Pop companies come under fire for the mistreatment of idols, it is common for netizens to find an idol group to blame. In this case, Kep1er fans want to emphasize that the blame isn’t on TO1 but WAKEONE, who need to be held accountable for their treatment of the girl group.