Netizens Express Anger At ZEROBASEONE Ricky’s “Erasure” From Recent Group Content

“They haven’t even debuted yet…”

Fans have shared their anger after they believe that ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky is a victim of erasure from group content.

ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky | @zb1_official/Twitter

When Boys Planet started airing, Ricky quickly became a firm fan favorite. Whether it was his talent, striking visuals, or unrivaled charisma, with THAT catchphrase, the Yuehua trainee quickly became one of the front runners.


Ricky’s popularity continued to rise. Gans couldn’t hide their excitement when, despite Mnet’s attempts at evil editing, the trainee came in fourth place and cemented his debut with ZEROBASEONE.

Ricky’s final ranking | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

While the group has been preparing for their upcoming debut, they have been releasing content to get excited. Yet, netizens have been sharing anger after the “erasure” of Ricky from the group content that is being released.

In a video for KCON, the members were seen doing their group huddle ahead of their performance. Netizens quickly noticed that Ricky wasn’t in the clip…

Many expressed anger as they knew that there was footage of Ricky doing the group chant that could’ve been used instead.

On June 8 (KST), Mnet released a trailer for the group’s upcoming reality show, where the members would be showcasing even more of their personalities for fans.

In the video, netizens noticed that while small snippets of Ricky were shown in group shots, he wasn’t shown close-up and didn’t speak throughout.

When the video was posted, fans went online to share their anger. While they acknowledged that some netizens might find them being dramatic, they shared how upset it makes them that Ricky is seemingly being left out or not treated properly.

For many, it wasn’t just content produced by Mnet, but promotional items, including photoshoots.

While it is still early and the group hasn’t debuted, netizens are worried that Ricky will continue to be treated poorly by Mnet and WAKEONE.