Netizens Defend OH MY GIRL Arin’s Advertisements For Underwear Brand BYC

“It’s always those that don’t have any business buying women’s undergarments that leave such comments.”

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin was previously announced as the model for underwear and sleepwear brand, BYC. Fitting of her innocent image and young age, the brand has never made Arin model the undergarments themselves in all their advertisements.

Although Arin has been showcased in some of their loungewear and pajamas, for pictorials involving the actual undergarments, Arin often simply poses next to them.


Fans have voiced that the brand deserves praise for not putting pressure on Arin to model the undergarments directly, even though she is their spokesperson.


However, recently, an article on Insight Korea pointed out that some netizens had commented negatively on the advertisements.

“It was even said that they might as well use the mannequin as a spokesperson.” | Insight Korea

A comment that was pointed out, was “No but if they were going to do that, they can just use a model that is able to wear the (garments). So she doesn’t want to wear them but wants to do the advertisement? There’s nowhere in the world that has an advertisement for garments where they don’t wear them directly and just hold the garments up.

| Insight Korea

Rightfully, many netizens have been defending Arin and BYC, as they should. After the article by Insight Korea was uploaded onto the community site, theqoo, positive comments began flooding in.

  • “It’s always those that don’t have any business buying women’s undergarments that leave such comments.”
  • “Are you a pervert? Why do you need shots of her wearing it? kkkkkk”
  • “If you’re curious about pics of the clothes on a person, y’alls should just buy it and try it on.”
  • “Arin is the brand model, not the model for those undergarments, no?”
| theqoo
  • “Then what does that make Ma Dong Seok who advertised for Etude House?”
  • “We don’t need shots of her wearing it… Why are those that don’t wear (undergarments) getting mad.”
  • “I mean, it’ll be on my body not Arin’s so why?”
  • So Ji Sub also did a bra advertisement, this is hilarious kkkkkkkk”
  • “The target audience is 100% female so why are they feeling upset.”
  • “F*ck kkkk”
  • “A bra advertisement just needs to show the bra. Why does she have to wear it?”
  • “F*ck there’s all sorts of crazy people in the world.”
| theqoo

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Source: Insight Korea and theqoo