Netizens Are Asking About Kim Ahyun, The Model Photographed With BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

Fans want to know…

Netizens are asking about G-dragon‘s acquaintance with YG K-Plus model Kim Ahyun.

Kim Ahyun | @kim.a.hyun/Instagram
| @kim.a.hyun/Instagram

Kim Ahyun uploaded a photo of herself with G-Dragon to her Instagram Story on June 12, captioned “Friday,” and tagged the idol.

In the picture, the model is seen leaning in and sitting with G-Dragon.

G-Dragon (left) with Kim Ahyun (right) | @kim.a.hyun/Instagram

Ever since the pictures were uploaded, fans have been asking who the model is.

Kim Ahyun debuted as a model in 2018, and has featured in music videos and commercials. She is currently acting in the drama New Normalizine

Cast of New Normalzine | CJENM
Source: Xsports News