Netizens Attack Former Wonder Girls Member Sunye After News Of Her Comeback

“Please just go back to being a housewife…”

It has been reported that former Wonder Girls’ member Sunye is currently considering an exclusive contract with a new entertainment agency, indicating that she may be making a comeback in the K-Pop industry.


Sunye debuted as the leader of Wonder Girls in 2007 after spending 6 years perfecting her skills as a trainee.


Then in November  2012, Sunye suddenly announced that she would be getting married to her current husband, James Park, a Korean-Canadian who is 5 years her senior, and would be living in Canada for the time being.


As a result, Sunye stepped down from the position of Wonder Girls’ leader before completing her contract period, disappointing many fans.


JYP Entertainment respected her decision and Sunye has since been living in Canada with her husband and two daughters.

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Earlier this year, Sunye appeared on a variety program and revealed more about her life but viewers continued to remember her as “a leader who abandoned her team”.


Netizen reactions to the news of her plans to sign an exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment were also anything but positive.

  • “Please just go back to being a housewife.”
  • “She’s shameless.”
  • “It’s obvious she’s going to appear on the variety shows and talk about the former Wonder Girls members and her family. Boring.”
  • “She abandoned her team, her fans…why come back?”


Many have been accusing her of returning because she is “running out of money”.

  • “I guess she’s out of money.”
  • “I hope she doesn’t return. She left Wonder Girls to do missionary work and get married. Then she had a bunch of kids and now goes shopping for sale items. It seemed like she was out of money.”
  • “She’s all out of money. Maybe her husband doesn’t make enough lol.”


Some netizens have gone as far as to attack Sunye for her age and have even doubted her skills as an artist.

  • “She’s too old.”
  • “Singing skills? Popularity? Variety shows? There’s just no solution. I hope she goes back to taking care of her children…”
  • “What is she making a comeback with? What is she good at…”
Source: Nate
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