Netizens Attack University That Provided Special Treatment To Former BEAST And BTOB Members

“You used them for advertisement and then just threw them away.”

It was recently announced that the university degrees of former BEAST members and BTOB members were canceled due to receiving special treatment.

Former BEAST And BTOB Members’ University Degrees Cancelled, Due To Receiving “Special Treatment”


On January 14, the Ministry of Education announced that the former BEAST members Gigwang, Junhyung, Doojoon, Hyunseung, BTOB’s Eunkwang, Sungjae and folk singer Choo Ga Yeol received “special treatment” from Dongshin University and stated that their degrees must be canceled as a result.

According to their statement, Dongshin University had counted the broadcast activities of these celebrities as class attendance in accordance with the school regulations. However, the Ministry of Education disagreed with the university’s criteria.


In response to the news, netizens have been voicing their criticism towards Dongshin University, which proposed stars’ enrollment in their school, stating that broadcasts would be considered as class attendance. The university was criticized for their lackadaisical attitude and the misleading promises they made to the idols.

  • “The entertainers registered for the school because the university said broadcast activities will count as attendance but after all this time, they’re not saying that it wasn’t in the regulations? How is this the students’ fault?”
  • “Wasn’t it you guys (the university) that contacted Cube Entertainment and said you would consider broadcast activities as attendance when you proposed their enrollment? Why are you turning your backs on them now? You used them on your pamphlets and shuttles and promoted the school with them, used them as vocal instructors so why do this now.”
  • “If anyone’s received special treatment it should be the school! Please explain, Dongshin University.”
  • “Dongshin University! You lured the celebrities into your school and despite the fact that they took the college entrance exam and followed all the regulations, you used them for advertisement and then just threw them away. Ridiculous.”


Dongshin University has since released a statement explaining that credits and degrees were given according to the regulations of each department but also acknowledged the fact that there were imperfections in some of the regulations. They added that they will do their best to find a solution to the issue and protect the celebrities who have already received their credits and degrees.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has stated that while there are currently no other celebrities that are currently being investigated, investigations will not stop at this.

There are no other celebrities other than the 7 at the moment. However, this is not the end of investigations. If issues arise at other universities in the future, we may conduct more investigations. We have not yet made specific plans for additional investigations.”

ㅡ Ministry of Education

Source: The Fact and TV Daily