Netizens Are Cracking Up Over Block B P.O.’s Relatable Reaction To Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Hair

Fans are loving their adorably hilarious interaction!

Fans and netizens online are cracking up over Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s and Block B P.O.‘s recent interaction!


On the most recent episode of Amazing Saturday, P.O. appeared on the show as a guest, dressed as an adorable bunny!

| @amazingsat_official/Instagram

Taeyeon was also present as a co-host of the show, with her blonde hair up in adorably corkscrew pigtails!

Taeyeon | @amazingsat_official/Instagram

With the airing of the episode, a certain scene from the show is making netizens everywhere laugh because of how cute and funny it is! During the show, P.O. was sitting next to Taeyeon…

Taeyeon and P.O. | tvN

…and he couldn’t resist being absolutely fascinated by her hair, and ended up playing with her springy curls!

Netizens are loving this hilarious interaction between the two, and how relatable P.O. was in that moment!

  • I want to touch that too…
  • It feels like he actually touched it unconsciously, so it’s even funnier hahahaha
  • It’s even funnier that Taeyeon doesn’t even react hahahaha

You can watch this adorably funny moment here!

Source: theqoo