Netizens Are Calling A Korean Reality Dating Show Participant A “Villain” For Causing Drama

Accusations are being thrown around.

ENA and SBS PLUS‘ popular reality dating show I Am Solo is in its 16th season—and many are calling it one of the most dramatic seasons ever.

“I Am Solo” poster | SBS

I Am Solo is a reality show where solo men and women, who go by pseudonyms, spend four nights and five days together to search for love and marriage. They reveal their real name when they make their final pick at the end of their journey.

Participants from a previous season hold up signs of their assigned names. | SBS Plus

Season 16 of I Am Solo has been a rollercoaster, from rude behaviors to participants spreading “fake news” to one another, creating misunderstandings. One participant, given the pseudonym Young Suk, was called the “villain” of the show after she displayed anger toward her “random date” partner Gwang Soo.

Young Suk tells Gwang Soo she doesn’t want to go back to the dorms with him. | SBS Plus

During the self-introduction of the show, Young Suk shared the many struggles she experienced throughout her life. On her random date with Gwang Soo, he referred to her life as “full of ups and downs” and said that she went through “all sorts of hardships,” which made Young Suk angry. Offended, she stormed out of the date, taking a taxi alone and telling a helpless Gwang Soo to leave her alone.

Young Suk tells Gwang Soo to let go of her bag when he tries to stop her from calling a taxi. | SBS Plus

Young Suk’s embroilment in drama continued when she blamed another female participant, Ok Sun, for gossiping about her to other people when Ok Sun did not. Ok Sun felt misunderstood and hurt that Young Suk quickly blamed her and demanded an apology. Young Suk gave a very cold and sarcastic apology before continuing to create drama.

Ok Sun (top) confronts Young Suk for falsely blaming her and demands an apology. | SBS Plus

Ok Sun: Young Suk, you need to apologize to me.

Young Suk: Someone said you said it, so I thought it was you… Anyway, if I made you feel upset, I. am. sorry.

Even though the two eventually talked it out in the show, they appeared to have some remaining drama even after the show ended.

Young Suk claimed Ok Sun bullied her during the show, and they shared their sides of the story on social media.

Ok Sun | SBS Plus

On September 3, a netizen commented to Young Suk that she should apologize to Ok Sun for misunderstanding and blaming her. Young Suk responded to the comment by saying she was sorry but that Ok Sun blocked her on every platform.

I know very well that many people felt uncomfortable when they saw me, and I acknowledge it. I was most sorry for getting mad at her out of a misundertanding… Ok Sun has blocked me on Instagram and Kakaotalk. There was no way for me to reach her, so I tried to call her. She didn’t pick up so I left a message. I wanted to apologize with my voice, but it didn’t work out as I wished.

— Young Suk

Young Suk | @rina_rina_baek/Instagram

When another netizen pointed out that Ok Sun claimed not to have blocked Young Suk on Instagram, Young Suk threatened to reveal conversations with Ok Sun.

It’s a fact known to everyone in our group that she blocked me. Please tell her to stop before I reveal the Kakaotalks revealing that she bought followers, blocked me, and bullied me.

— Young Suk

Following this, an online community netizen posted screenshots of DMs with Ok Sun. In the conversation, Ok Sun shared how she felt about Young Suk’s claims and threats.

It’s true that I blocked her on Instagram. Regarding the part about buying followers, she kept asking about the number of followers I have in our group chat. At first, I wondered why she was doing that, but she even remember the number and repeatedly asked, and so I thought it must be jealousy. I have no idea what she meant about me bullying. Like you saw on the broadcast, I took care of Young Suk by the shoe rack when we were going to Young Sik’s birthday party, so I was hurt to hear that she was suspicious of me.

— Ok Sun

Ok Sun | @elizabeth0912i/Instagram

Ok Sun added that she didn’t understand why Young Suk was bringing up different topics while talking about Ok Sun being blocked on Instagram. She also claimed that Young Suk’s apology to her seemed like she wanted to fight.

I don’t understand what she means by ‘bullying.’ If she wants to reveal Kakaotalk messages, I’m willing to share them too, so tell her that. Also, I don’t understand why she’s bringing up other situations while discussing blocking. A few days ago, I received two apology messages, and from the first message, I thought she wanted to fight.

— Ok Sun

| ENA Original

Other than the drama between Young Suk and Ok Sun, I Am Solo season 16 is filled with drama involving other participants, too. Netizens are claiming that Young Suk may be the biggest “villain” of the sixteen-season dating show and some joked that the show’s production team should thank Young Suk for bringing up the show’s viewership ratings.

With I Am Solo season 16 still unfolding new episodes, netizens are waiting to see how things will develop, especially with Young Suk and Ok Sun’s relationship.

Source: Tenasia