Netizens Claim IZ*ONE’s Debut Will Be A Complete Failure Because Of This Reason

Timing is everything.

An online community user has pointed out that IZ*ONE’s debut date will become the cause of the group’s failure.


This is because they will be competing against some of the most popular idols these days including EXO, Wanna One and TWICE, who are also expecting to make a comeback in October and November.


Firstly, IU will be making a comeback with her new song “BBIBBI” today (October 10th) at 6 pm KST.


Then, IZ*ONE will make their debut both in Korea and Japan on October 29th.


This will be followed by EXO’s comeback on November 2nd, TWICE’s expected comeback on November 12th, Wanna One’s comeback on November 19th as well as Red Velvet and BLACKPINK’s comeback sometimes in October or November.


With IZ*ONE’s debut sandwiched between these mega idols, netizens have not only asserted that the rookie idol group will fail. They’ve also taken the opportunity to make sarcastic remarks against them:

  • “But even if EXO didn’t make a comeback, aren’t they a failed group anyway?”
  • “Wow…in fact, fans are dying for an EXO comeback because it’s been so long and this is Wanna One’s last album so fans are also probably looking forward to it…”
  • “They’re probably gonna pretend they failed because they chose the wrong timing. Even though they would’ve failed no matter when the debuted”
  • “Thank goodness they’ve found an excuse”
  • “But this group is destined to be doomed no matter who makes a comeback. Their fanbase is filled with middle-aged men in the 30’s-40’s. Do you think these middle-aged men will be able to stream all night, buy albums and go to the broadcast filmings?”
  • “They’re probably thankful they could blame EXO’s comeback”
Source: Pann Nate