Netizens Are Calling CLC’s “NO” A Feminist Anthem

The song radiates girl power.

For those unaware, CLC returned recently with their extended play “No. 1” and it’s single “No”. Many netizens are calling this song a “feminist anthem” and wondering if Cube intentionally marketed it that way.

The theme of the song is that people shouldn’t try to impose their beauty expectations on women. The opening lines are about how frivolous beauty related gifts are and they emphasise that women are much more than their beauty.

“Red Lip, NO
Earrings, NO
High heels, NO
Handbag, NO”

Netizens are rallying behind CLC and thanking them for promoting feminism and girl power.

As the song continues, the meaning behind it becomes a lot more clear. The lyrics essentially depict a woman scolding a man or boyfriend for trying to impose their standards on her.

“Forget ways to look more “beautiful”
Screw how you feel, so “I” can look more like “me”

“This cold way of talking, it suits me well actually
I don’t change myself for you”

CLC pulls no punches and there is even a hint of criticism about Korean gender culture, especially in the last lines.

“If you don’t like it, forget it
Go look somewhere else to fit your tastes
Innocent, sexy and cute
Single words like that can’t possibly express who I am”

Innocent? No.
Sexy? No.
Aegyo? No.
Acting like a good girl?
Red lip, NO.

No matter your opinion on the meaning of the song, we can all agree that it’s a complete bop. You can watch the full music video below:

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