Netizens compliment Park Han Byul for confessing that she’s bad at acting

During an appearance on SBS reality show Law of the Jungle, model and actress Park Han Byul admitted that she was bad at acting, earning praise from netizens for her confession.

The model and actress, who’s made appearances in dramas such as One Well-Raised Daughter and The Girl Who Sees Smells, admitted she was not a good actress when prompted on the show.

While she was preparing fish, a cast member complimented her to which she responded, “I get that a lot my image is apparently very stuck up and ostentatious.” She then added, “I’m bad at faking things, which is part of the reason why I can’t act too well. Now that I’ve experience not washing and eating, and sleeping in the jungle, I think I can do this type of acting well. I’m bad at acting now, but maybe when I’m 40 or 50 with a lot more experience I’ll be good.”

For being honest and admitting her flaws, netizens praised Park Han Byul, leaving positive comments online.

[+1505, -59] That’s better than acting fake ㅋㅋ for a woman, being born pretty already gets you halfway to a successful life  ㅋㅋㅋ

[+1236, -27] Admitting it shows that she can improve. If she actually thinks that she’s good despite being bad, she won’t be able to improve.

[+1070, -5] She’s pretty, has an amazing body, is outgoing, and knows admit to her faults… the best.

Source: MT Star News