“Pour It Over My Body”: YOUNG POSSE’s “Questionable” Debut Sparks Mixed Reactions, Including Concerns

“The people missing the innuendo is killing me.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

BEATS Entertainment and DSP Media’s new girl group debuted, but netizens have concerns.


The new girl group, YOUNG POSSE, finally debuted on October 18 with their first EP album, MACARONI CHEESE, and its title track of the same name.

“MACARONI CHEESE” has garnered attention for being a fun unserious track as it repeats lyrics about seemingly the cheesy noodle dish.


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♬ MACARONI CHEESE (Challenge ver.) – YOUNG POSSE (영파씨)


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Yet, netizens have delved deeper and believe its true meaning is NSFW. They think that macaroni cheese is an innuendo or euphemism for something sexual.

Flour, salt, pepper, mix’em all
Just add it up (Add it up)
Drop it on my body
Bring all the cheddar cheese this way (This way)
Don’t just make it up (Make it up)
And now we eat, easy peasy
It’s already in my mouth, ya, ya (Ya, ya)
Macaroni, have a try, ya, ya (What, what?)
Bite after bite, has me losing my mind, yeah, yeah, yeah (Hey)
Got me so crazy, y’all wanna check it
Pop me some soda
Everyone gathering, it’s necessary
Party, without a goalie, straight into my mouth, goal in


Considering Cardi B compared her p*ssy to “macaroni in a pot” in her 2020 hit song “WAP,” netizens’ concerns seem valid. The music video also contains suggestive imagery.

Like a macaroni cheese (Uh)
On the, on the cream
Pop it, pop it like a cheese (What?)
On the, on the cream



Despite netizens’ suspicions, the song has been officially described as a song that fully embodies the group’s cheeky and quirky charms, with lyrics expressing the desire of those tired of repetitive daily life. It’s also partially self-written by the members. After seeing a macaroni cheeseburger poster, leader Sunhye began writing it in a composition class.

Sunhye | DSP Media

Not only do netizens find the song’s content suspicious, but also the group’s name. They think it sounds too similar to “young p*ssy.” Considering the members are very young, many find the potential connotations problematic. The members’ birth years range from 2004-2009.


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♬ MACARONI CHEESE (Challenge ver.) – YOUNG POSSE (영파씨)

YOUNG POSSE is actually derived from the Latin word “posse,” meaning “can do” or “possible.” The group’s name stands for “a group of young people gathered with a purpose.”

What do you think about YOUNG POSSE’s debut?

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