Netizens Are Confused AF About Which TWICE Member Is In This Photo

They’re all so confused!

There’s a photo of a certain TWICE member making the rounds of the internet, but the problem is, no one can seem to tell who this member is exactly!

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TWICE was photographed on the way to and back from their pre-recording schedule for the KBS Song Festival to be held on December 18, and were their usual gorgeous selves!

As the members were photographed, this picture, in particular, had everybody confused about who it was!

Most ONCEs thought that it was Nayeon in the picture…

While others thought it was Momo!

The ones that thought it was Nayeon then began comparing her usual “walking posture” to the one in the photo…

And then concluded that it couldn’t be her after all, because her “walking posture” and outfit was different from the one in the photo!

Netizens then were set on Momo, and what do you know?! They ended up being right! Momo is in the same grey padded coat as the mysterious member in the photo!

ONCEs know their girls so well!

TWICE is set to officially release the much-anticipated track, “Cry For Me” on December 18.

| JYP Entertainment

Watch their performance of “Cry For Me” from the 2020 MAMA here!

Source: The Qoo